Over the centuries


Domaine Montrose and its surroundings have been inhabited for millennia.
During Antiquity, it was likely a Roman villa. “The Valros Tower” next to our vineyard was a Carolingian necropolis and then a stronghold in the Middle Ages.

Since the 16th century, we have made wine at Montrose, as evidenced by the underground tanks beneath the wine cellar.

In 1701 our ancestor Joseph Alazard received the Three Lizards coat of arms. In homage to him, it adorns all of our bottles today.




The Languedoc, with its sunny climate, proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and varied yet affordable ancestral terroirs, has become the start-up of the wine world. Our beautiful region cultivates talent, whether historic winemakers or neo-farmers, from here or elsewhere, all participating with a creative and competitive spirit.

Ideas emerge, macerate and ferment; we plant, dealcoholize, biodynamize; we listen, taste, have fun, share…we’re making wine, after all.