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Gamme de vins Solis Lumen


Jeanne and Olivier Coste purchased Château des Adouzes in 2018. Sister and brother, accompanied by their father Bernard, were looking for a great red wine terroir.

The estate is located in the medieval village of Roquessels in the heart of the AOP Faugères appellation. This little Languedoc appellation is entirely made of one of the most rare and sought out soil types in the world: schist. The 42 ha vineyard contains mainly old vines, with some of the Carignans being over 90 years old. This exceptional terroir brings its trademark minerality and freshness to the wine it yields.

The tiger is the symbol of the power and balance that we aim to achieve in all our wines. 


Discover traditional Southern French varietals. To capture their essence we have chosen old vines, cultivated in traditional Mediterranean gobelet with low yields, which produce concentrated and aromatic grapes.

To preserve our planet, we used lighter eco-friendly bottles. Authentic, ecological and surprising wines. 

Gamme de vins Solis Lumen
Gamme de vins Solis Lumen

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Redécouvrez les cépages traditionnels du Languedoc…

Gamme de vins Solis Lumen


Solis Lumen, the light of the sun, is a fundamental element of our region: it allows our wines to reach full potential and is an important feature of the Southern French lifestyle.