Beautiful is good

“What is beautiful is good, and what is good will be soon beautiful” Sappho

  • Beautiful

At Montrose, we believe that a good wine deserves to be beautiful.

We pay particular attention not only to our labels, boxes and bottles, but also to the way we ensure the upkeep of our buildings on the estate in line with tradition, and not forgetting the countless details that you are probably not even aware of.

  • Good

In our wines, we seek elegance above all else. From the vine to the cellar and throughout the bottling process, we do our utmost every second to create and maintain this elegance.

This means we harvest our grapes early, favour short macerations, extract the juice carefully, and use oak barrels very sparingly…

Montrose wines are not made for wine competitions. They are often less exuberant and less concentrated than those of many of our fellow producers. But they are greatly appreciated by gastronomes, proof of which can be found in the three dishes prepared by the starred chef Adam Grey, ready to be accompanied by a Montrose Rosé.

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