• Continuous engagement from the owners/winemakers:

At Domaine Montrose, our engagement and dedication is continuous. The owners and winemakers, Bernard and Olivier Coste, both live on the estate, just a stone’s throw from the vines, the cellar and the offices.

Throughout the year, they live and breathe Montrose, and continually improve every aspect of it. It is all these aspects that when combined make all the difference.

During the grape-harvest, where all the efforts of a whole year can be dashed in a single momentary lapse of concentration, this is essential. This is one of our great strengths at Domaine Montrose.


  • Care for Biodiversity:

Montrose is committed to protecting the biodiversity of its vineyards.

Our family lovingly cultivates the Montrose soils, so as to be able to pass them on to future generations. For decades, all the borders of the vineyards have been planted with local fruit trees, to help preserve the slopes and to provide food for people.

Today, we understand how biodiversity also helps us to cultivate our soil in an environmentally friendly manner. In 2012, with the help of scientists, we carried out a study of the flora and fauna living on the Montrose estate.

Moreover, we planted 21 different Mediterranean species of trees—1053 trees in total: olive-trees, almond trees, oaks, quince trees, crab-apple trees, cane-apple bushes, and bay-trees… These trees and their ecosystem help us to better manage our vineyard.


  • Sustainable development:

Our family lives at Montrose, and we do our utmost to ensure a healthy environment.

We incorporate grape marc into the soil to lighten and nourish it. We use mechanical tools to remove any weeds.

We use pheromone dispensers rather than chemical treatments to prevent worms from attacking the grapes.

Strips of grass are left to grow in and around the vines to allow plant and animal life to develop, thereby helping us to better manage our vineyard.

The elegance and authenticity of Montrose wines are the result of the harmonious balance between the diversity of its soil, the benefits of the Mediterranean climate and the know-how acquired by our family from one generation to the next.

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